Note: Welcome to the third edition of our Expert Speaks Series. Here are editions one and two but don’t rush off. Today, Christina Daves, an expert in how to generate publicity for your law practice.

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Not sure your legal business “needs” publicity? Does your firm need new clients? Getting free publicity is one of the easiest ways to drive new business in the door.

The one business owners tell me all the time, is that they don’t have time. What if I told you that you could implement a successful visibility/publicity campaign for your business in just minutes a day?

10 easy steps to help you get publicity in just minutes a day

STEP 1 – Sign up for Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

Responding to HARO queries is one of the easiest ways to get national exposure for your business. National exposure allows you to grow your digital footprint faster and gives you higher search engine optimization (SEO). You are basically borrowing “Google Juice” from high ranking sites.

How HARO works: Three times a day, you receive an email with queries from journalists looking for story ideas, sources, quotes, or guests. Respond to queries to get your business listed in major media outlets.

My #1 tip for responding to HARO – answer promptly and keep it short and to the point. Get your free HARO pitching guide at to learn more tips on effective pitching.

[Note: Drop by the Club to hear how I used HARO to get national coverage!)

STEP 2 – Set Alerts for Your Industry

You need to be on the pulse of what’s happening in the legal world. To do that, make sure you are alerted when anything new happens. Set Google Alerts with key words and phrases,

Other alert resources are Talkwalker,, and Mention, https://en/ I use all three.

STEP 3 – Sign Up for Muck Rack

Most journalists are on Twitter! Join the free community, Muck Rack, and sign up for the Muck Rack Daily to see which journalists are talking about what topics. It’s a great way to see who is writing about the legal industry and who you need to connect with and start building relationships with.

STEP 4 – Find the Right Journalists

Don’t send our story idea to the wrong editor! It will likely never find its way to the right place. Journalists are busy people. You have to make their job easy for them. The first step is sending your story idea to the right contact person. Google is an invaluable tool for this.

STEP 5 – Engage

Show journalists your interest in them by engaging with them on social media. Share their work, re-post it, comment on it and like it. You want to start building relationships with journalists and this is a great way to do that. Give first. Pitch second.

STEP 6 – Make an Annual Plan

Invest some time to plan out a year of publicity. Doing this initial legwork will make the entire pitching process so much easier. Plan out one pitch per month using seasonality, trending topics, holidays, etc. Write down at least one idea per month January through December. For attorneys – think July and January for new laws and what they mean for people in the community.

STEP 7 – Create Hooks

Take Step 6 and write creative hooks for those monthly ideas to get the journalist’s attention. You’ve got to “lure” the journalist into reading your email and a great hook/subject line is the best way. Look at magazine covers you have in your office right now and see what they used to get you to open the magazine.

You want the journalist wondering “what?” “how?” Spark their curiosity so they open your email.

STEP 8 – Execute

You’ve done the work, now execute!

You can hire a virtual assistant to help

STEP 9 – Follow up

Don’t forget to follow up. In 3-5 days send a follow-up email. If it’s timely or breaking news, pick up the phone.

STEP 10 – Automate

Consider using an email program to automate your pitching. You can pre-program a year’s worth of emails and personalize them using an email system.

There should now be no more “time excuses”. Create and implement a visibility/publicity plan and see the results with new customers.

To Your PR Success!

Christina Daves is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and run five successful companies over the past 20 years. With no resources remaining when she launched her latest venture, CastMedic Designs, Christina taught herself everything she could about generating her own publicity, which basically provided her free advertising for her business.

Since launching in 2012, she has appeared in over 250 media outlets including national and local television and publications. As a result of this success, she launched PR for Anyone® to help other small business owners have similar success.

Together with her clients, Christina has generated over 7 figures in sales from free publicity.

To learn more, visit us at


Dina Lynch Eisenberg, JD, is the CEO of, an outsourcing training/consulting firm for successful lawyers and entrepreneurs based in Oakland, CA.

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