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Dear Fellow Attorney,


The “experts” say working like a dog and never having any free time is par for the course for successful lawyers.


Those same lawyers claim it’s “normal” for attorneys to work fifty, sixty, or even more hours a week… and still struggle to meet their monthly revenue goals.


Well, they’re wrong.


Because I’ve seen a growing group of lawyers who are working hard… but are doubling, or even tripling their billable hours every week, without taking on new cases or doing additional casework.


This growing group of lawyers isn’t interested in rolling over and playing dead.

Instead, they’re going all out on a strategy I call the “TYPP” strategy.


Here’s the thing.


Most lawyers suck at onboarding and training their paralegal.


It’s not something you learn in law school.


Instead of gaining a trusted employee who can take some of the time-consuming work off their hands, they end up with a “slacker” that has to be watched every single hour of the day to make sure the job gets done.


And after all that effort, time, and money - the vast majority of employees walk out the door after less than a month.


Not with this group of lawyers.


Instead of waiting for their job to drive them into the ground, overwhelmed, exhausted, and no richer than the day they graduated law school…


… these lawyers have found a proven system for onboarding and training their paralegals that makes them (almost) the most valuable employee in the business.


Their paralegals are happily and efficiently handling all their boring administrative work… and even taking over some of their billable hours too.


In fact, they’ve been able to add 10, 15, or even 20 hours of billable hours to their week, adding a hefty “raise” to their monthly salaries… 


… and are rising up in the ranks because of it.


Find out how they did it - and how you too can maximize your billing hours by using a proven system to onboard and train your paralegal by taking this free quiz below.


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If you’re like most of my clients, you’re probably sharp as a razor and better than average at what you do… but you just aren’t getting the results you need from your paralegal. 


My training and coaching programs can help you set up a step by step system to onboard and train your paralegal successfully, so you can finally have the freedom to do what really matters the most.


The “Maximize Your Billable Hours” Quiz

The “Maximize Your Billable Hours Quiz shows you exactly how much money per month you’re losing when you don’t have a trained paralegal as part of your team. 


Wondering where we got the numbers? You’ll also get access to the exact formula we use to calculate our numbers… plus how to flip the script to start adding more billable hours to your day while doing less case work.


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About Dina Eisenberg Esq

Dina Eisenberg is a former prosecutor turned award-winning entrepreneur and CEO of Unstoppable Lawyer Playbook (formerly Outsource Easier),  a training and consulting firm that helps law firms create sustainable, profitable, and happy workplaces. Dina works with firms and solo lawyers to create custom outsourcing and onboarding strategies that convey your values and retain employees and provides Ombudsman services. Dina frequently speaks for bar associations and at law firm retreats across the country.

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