Are you tired of being on the hiring hamster wheel?

You can have a paralegal who fits your personality and how you work!


How many paralegals did you go through this year?  Last year?

Have you lost count? Or, too ashamed to think about the number?

It's a humbling experience for someone who built their firm from the ground up into a successful practice to realize you know why you can't retain your staff or why you always seem to get the special snowflakes.  You know the paralegals I mean, the ones who...

  • ask for a day off their first week
  • promise to meet deadlines but never do
  • show up late or not at all
  • gossip and stir up trouble
  • don't meet their billable hours

I bet you could add a few to the list, right?

You don't know why you pick the wrong person or how to train so you get exactly what you want from your employee.

You're stuck, overworked, and kinda over the whole thing.


Perfect! You're in the right place. I can help you figure out who is the ideal employee for you, craft the workplace culture you want and become a confident, compassionate leader you were meant to be.

You'll also get my proven step-by-step, repeatable system for onboarding and training your perfect paralegal.  


Invest a little time and transform your new hire into one of your most valuable assets!

There are significant benefits when you understand how to train and properly utilize your paralegal.

You earn more. Clients report having their highest month earnings after taking this training then hiring a paralegal.

Life gets easy.  All the files, records and information you need to serve your client is waiting because your paralegal anticipated your needs.

The weight is lifted off your shoulders. No more struggling with projects you don't have time for or hate to do. You get to focus on your job- practicing law.

Your revenues rise. Your paralegal generates another income stream while freeing you up to think about and implement growth strategies.

Finally, your law practices transforms from being a soul-grinding struggle to be the positive, satisfying experience you wanted when you opened your law firm.

Introducing Train your Perfect Paralegal (tm)

The Stuff They Didn't Teach You in Law School about running a Law Firm

Train your Perfect Paralegal teaches lawyers like you a step-by-step system so you feel confident while onboarding and training a new paralegal or legal assistant.

What's unique? The topic: you won't find onboarding training covered in a CLE (unless I'm leading it)

The learning experience (part group learning, part private coaching) gives you the benefits of learning from and being inspired by like-minded lawyers working towards the same goals and the privacy to ask specific questions about your practice..

Sure, you can figure out how to train your paralegal DIY. You're smart.

Here's the thing. It will take longer than you want. There are things you won't think of at all. The mistakes are wicked expensive...firing, searching, rehiring, repeat.

Or, work with me, an Ombuds with organizational development and conflict management skills, to craft your orientation and onboarding plans.

Which sounds better?

The Unstoppable Lawyer Playbook: Train your Perfect Paralegal

Train your Paralegal is she's perfect for YOU!

You won’t find another online program like this. It's a hands-on mentoring program specifically developed for lawyers by a lawyer so you get real insight and results. I'll share my 20+ years of organizational development and Ombuds experience to guide you every step of the way from mindset to action steps 

This is the foundation work that makes it possible to have a cohesive and engaged team. Without a written system, you make yourself vulnerable to mistakes and misunderstandings.


This is the LAST training  for the year. Don't miss out.  Learn more here   

Additional Services

Private Coaching

Clarity and Growth- You have a quick question to ask and need expert advice on...

  • Talk through your Employee Avatar
  • Get advice on where to find paralegals
  • How to coach your legal staff
  • Review of your orientation plan

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I am a solo practitioner who has worked with Dina in the past. Her coaching services as I floundered initially in the virtual world were invaluable. Dina has the ability to help define the issue - set up a plan to solve it - be really, really certain that the plan is workable - and then encourage (be my cheerleader) to achieve the goal/solve the issue. Elizabeth A. Smith, Esq.


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I just had the most amazing coaching session with Dina Eisenberg! Although I had some great ideas, she further refined them to be more effective marketing and educational tools. She also helped me focus on my next step. However, what she did today that was amazing is that she reminded me why I started the firm and breathed new gusto into me when I needed it the most.

Sherry Hechanova Esq

Thanks Dina for an enlightening call today - having the ability to talk through the issues I’m tackling - so helpful. You didn’t let me side step things - listened - really listened - and helped me define my roadmap to achieve the practice I want  and the life I want to reclaim.

Elizabeth A. Smith Esq

She's not a coach but a consultant... and no pressure for thousands of dollars ...her deal is what can I do for you to optimize your pressure to write a big check...I am a tough customer and I was very impressed

Cesery Bullard Esq

I scheduled a consultation with Dina after learning about her coaching services through an online group for lawyers.  Talking to her was one of the best things I could do for my new business!  I wanted to discuss some of my business ideas and how to turn them into profitable services.  I knew what I wanted to do but lacked the confidence and clarity to make them into real, practical business services.  But Dina changed that!  She helped me identify the areas of my experience and legal knowledge that will provide real value for my business clients.  I cannot thank Dina enough

Maria E. Bermudez Esq

Dina Eisenberg, Lawyer, Delegation & Onboarding Expert, Remote Ombudsman

Hi, I'm Dina  Some folks call me the Onboarding & Outsourcing Queen.

I started my career as a prosecutor, then fell in love with mediation and became an Ombudsman. I love helping you find workable, sustainable solutions like I did during the 20+ years that I've run my consulting firm.

My experiences as an Ombuds at a multinational bank and a family law firm mean that whether you are solo or bigger (up to 20), I can help you to create a happy, productive workplace.

I'm an author and the creator of the Intentional Lawyer Club on Facebook for lawyers brave enough to design their life and work.

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