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I help solo and small firm lawyers clarify their vision, delegate effectively and create new revenue streams so they can design a practice that fits their lifestyle

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You know where you want to go but you're not sure how to get there


You went to law school to help people. You dreamed about making a difference.  But running a law practice is way different than the dream.

Yet, you spend more time running the practice than practicing. There’s a better way and you’re gonna find it...when you have time. Like that’s gonna happen.

Let me tell you about Elizabeth, a seasoned lawyer who wanted to offer a service she could be proud of, care for a family member and Have a life.  Elizabeth loves to swim in open water and one day hopes to tackle Alcatraz But when? There’s no time.

I came to believe that efficient solos/small firms would be successful in the next 5-7 years. I looked to maximize efficiency

She knew what she wanted. Elizabeth also knew that although she had a virtual receptionist and software that not everything was in place. Things were missing.

I had a consult with Dina Eisenberg.  

I spent an afternoon thinking about and writing about who I am - what I wanted to achieve. Dina talked with me about a variety of areas and issue. She didn't allow me to move on to the next thing until we talked out the thing we were talking about.  

I found that her work as a female attorney, Ombudsman, and business woman, was what I need to GID. Get It Done.

A year ago I would have never dreamed that I'd be taking 12 days out of the country to accompany my boyfriend on a business trip to Ghana.  The help that I have received to implement systems AND know that I can take my laptop and phone along and 95% of my practice will work.

Sound good? 

I can help you create breathing room

I’m Dina Eisenberg, prosecutor turned entrepreneur. I've owned my own training & consulting firm for the past 20 years. As a small biz mediator, Ombudsman and consultant, my career has been focused on helping others find great solutions.

And just like any law business owner,  I struggled with the stress and anxiety of trying to do my best work while trying to do everything to run my business.

Drowning in overwhelm, I told myself the 3 lies you've probably uttered about delegation:

  • It takes too long to explain to someone else. It's faster to do it myself
  • It won't be done right if someone else does it. I better do that myself
  • It costs too much to get help. I'm not paying someone to do what I can do myself

Eventually, health issues forced me to find a new way to work and safeguard my health. I've been outsourcing successfully  ever since for over a decade.

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Getting help with your practice is as easy as 1-2-3

Effective delegation is a process but most time-starved lawyers want to jump ahead to the last step- hiring- and that's why it fails. I help you prepare to get the great results you expect and to lead a virtual team without being a micro-manager or a door mat.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Schedule a call
Step 2: Understand your needs and create a plan
Step 3: Start Outsourcing and Grow!

I want to help people and swim/travel.   It's not easy - many balls in the air - but having someone to talk it through - point out strengths and weaknesses in processes, ideas, or just give a big virtual hug - has been so beneficial for me - my work - my life.


Elizabeth A. Smith

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