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Prepare for Greatness! Learn what to outsource, who to hire and how to successfully delegate to your virtual talent

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Thanks Dina for an enlightening call today - having the ability to talk through the issues I’m tackling - so helpful. You didn’t let me side step things - listened - really listened - and helped me define my roadmap to achieve the practice I want and the life I want to reclaim.

Elizabeth Smith,

You are nailing it in your law firm
and that's the problem

You work all the time.

 You are the admin, bookkeeper, marketer and, you also practice  law in your solo  or small firm law practice.

Something always needs to get done and you're always it.

You grinded to get to this far and you know you can't keep running at this pace.

You'd like to bring on a virtual assistant but don't know if you or your business ready.

You don't know what roles to fill or how to pick the best freelancer for you to bring on a virtual team.

You know things have got to change but you don't have a spare second to do the research, much less search for virtual assistants.

You worry, how can I pick the right person for
the role when I've never done it myself?

Learn how to let go and Delegate!

Imagine how good you'll feel to

  • See your child’s face beam because you are sitting in the front row
  • Rekindle your connection with your spouse because you are present- in body & mind
  • Know that you are earning even when you are away from your law practice

You can serve your clients and have a great life. I did it and so can you.

Who am I?

I’m a lawyer just like you. I practiced as a prosecutor before launching my own mediation/training firm then Ombuds advisory firm.  The focus of my career has been helping others find great solutions.

And just like any law business owner,  I struggled with the stress and anxiety of trying to do my best work while trying to do everything to run my business.

Drowning in overwhelm, I told myself the 3 lies you've probably uttered about delegation:

  • It takes to long to explain to someone else. It's faster to do it myself
  • It won't be done right if someone else does it. I better do that myself
  • It costs too much to get help. I'm not paying someone to do what I can do myself

Eventually health issues forced me to find a new way to work. I've been outsourcing successfully  for over a decade.

Shoot, I wrote the only training book and course that teaches buyers how to master outsourcing.  All that experience, expertise, wisdom is yours for the asking.

How can I help you?

Delegating is simple but not necessarily easy.  I can help you save time, worry and money. You won't have to worry about struggling to figure things out or getting it wrong and having to start all over again with a new person.

I remove obstacles and doubts. You learn not just the steps but the rationale so you can continue to benefit. I'm transparent and don't hold anything back because I want to see you succeed.

This isn't your typical coaching. We work. Or as one happy client put it, "Ten minutes with Dina is like 3 hours with another coach".

Here's what you get when we work together. 

You'll love being able to...

  • determine if you are ready to outsource & what you resources you need to get ready
  • identify your essential teammates and their attributes so you always feel well supported & calm
  • create your own outsourcing strategy and SOPs so delegating becomes a no-brainer
  • grow your leader skills so you feel with confident, in control without any self-doubt

Make your business fit your life

You can have big dreams and
achieve them without burning yourself out!

If you don't take this step towards
more freedom and joy today,

what will your tomorrows feel like?

Live your life and work the way you want!

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