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Thanks Dina for an enlightening call today - having the ability to talk through the issues I’m tackling - so helpful. You didn’t let me side step things - listened - really listened - and helped me define my roadmap to achieve the practice I want and the life I want to reclaim.

Elizabeth Smith,

You work all the time

You are the admin, bookkeeper, marketer and lawyer in your solo law practice. There is always something that needs to get done and you're it.

Get strategies, a system, team and the mindset necessary to allow you to take a step back, take a breath and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

How grateful and happy will your spouse and family be to have you back and truly present?

Imagine how good you'll feel to

  • See your child’s face beam because you are sitting in the front row
  • Rekindle your connection with your spouse because you are present- in body & mind
  • Know that you are earning even when you are away from your law practice

You can serve your clients and have a great life. I did it and so can you.

  Why You Should Work With Dina?

I’m a lawyer just like you. And just like you I struggled with the stress and anxiety of trying to do my best work while trying to do everything to run my business.

Drowning in overwhelm, I told myself the 3 lies you've probably uttered about delegation:

  • It takes to long to explain to someone else. It's faster to do it myself
  • It won't be done right if someone else does it. I better do that myself
  • It costs too much to get help. I'm not paying someone to do what I can do myself

Later when I became an SVP and Ombuds for the 7th largest bank in the nation, I had to learn how to stop doing things myself because it wasn't appropriate anymore. My executive assistant trained me to delegate in no time flat.

And, while I didn't like it, I had to admit I performed at a higher level (and was happier) when I could focus all my energies on helping employees navigate their life and work challenges better. But that's not the reason I'm such a fanatic about delegation.

A family tragedy made me a true champion for delegation.

I was living the American entrepreneurial dream.I ran my own 6 figure training/consulting firm for decades. It was hard but I got to make my own rules and keep more money.   My husband was running a million dollar consulting firm. We dined well, traveled often and generally 'lived the life'.

One sneeze and 12 hours changed it all. A sneeze, something we all do, changed my life in an instant.

You see, the hubs was not into delegation. He always said, I'm not paying for help.

I tried to explain about leveraging his time but he responded, why would I want to pay someone who is just gonna steal my process?

He was the go-to guy for several large corporations because his company was so lean. He kept his pricing reasonable and earned more and more business.  Hard to argue with that.

Four months before our wedding, the hubs sneezed and ruptured two discs in his back and crushed the nerve sac that controls all movement below the waist.

Emergency back surgery at 3 am in the morning lead to a two year recovery period.  He survived.  His business died that week.

I never want any entrepreneur, especially lawyers,  to experience the anguish and suffering I endured because you refuse to put in the systems and team that would safeguard your family.  I went to law school to give people power through knowledge and this work is how I am living my purpose.

I want to teach you to:

  • delegate the right things the right way
  • bring on a smart caring team who get you
  • create digital assets that work without you

After all, I've been outsourcing online and off for over a decade. Shoot, I wrote the only book for Fiverr buyers.  All that experience, expertise, wisdom is yours for the asking.

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achieve them without burning yourself out!

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what will your tomorrows feel like?

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