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My Mission for You

I’m Dina Eisenberg, Attorny/Ombudsman turned entrepreneur. I've run my own training & consulting firm for the past 20 years.  My career has been focused on helping others find great solutions.

The #BeIntentional Movement is about living your life by design not default as so many lawyers do.

It is about owning the fact you want something different and taking both large and small actions to secure it. It’s about understanding yourself and the parts of you that will sabotage you if not examined. It’s about pulling up your big girl panties (big boy boxers) and doing what needs to happen to live your best life.

If you don't stop and decide to be intentional about how you spend your time, your law practice will never grow the way you want.

If you don't add the essential teammates you need to run your practice with wisdom & ease, you can't move from worker bee to CEO.

If you don't create new revenue streams in your law practice, you are always vulnerable to the lemons life will throw your way.

My genius is about people, potential and process. People are drawn to me. I see their potential and together we create a process to bring that potential into the world.

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Getting help with your law practice is as easy as 1-2-3

Effective delegation is a process but most time-starved lawyers want to jump ahead to the last step- hiring- and that's why it fails. I help you prepare to get the great results you expect and to lead a virtual team without being a micro-manager or a door mat.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Schedule a call with Dina
Step 2: Discuss your needs and create a plan
Step 3: Start Outsourcing and Grow!

I want to help people and swim/travel.   It's not easy - many balls in the air - but having someone to talk it through - point out strengths and weaknesses in processes, ideas, or just give a big virtual hug - has been so beneficial for me - my work - my life.


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The price of doing the same old thing is higher than the price of change- Bill Clinton