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I had a great one-on-one session with Dina, and her excitement for what she does really pours through in her eagerness to help. We brainstormed ways to monetize my podcast and she helped me with ideas on how to grow my audience through reaching out to influencers. Dina is very knowledgeable and her insight allowed me to see some of my blind-spots. I wasn't maximizing all of my resources and our conversation was a reminder to get moving and stop being comfortable

Aida Rojas

You are fabulous at what you do. Because of that, you want to share with even more people, but there's a problem. There's only one you.  My programs are designed to help you grow beyond  your reach by systemizing your business, bringing together the right team for you and giving you the tools to lead effortlessly.

Think of me as your Sherpa. Guiding you to your goal, pointing out the shortcuts and pitfalls to you, sharing my experiences and expertise gleaned from traveling the path to a sustainable, profitable, joyful business.

These programs will work for you. Whether you are new to outsourcing and want a solid foundation to uplevel from or you have experience delegating and want to be more strategic and efficient about your choices, my programs will set you up for success and allow you to enjoy more freedom, more income and  more energy & pride.

Liberate yourself with my Freedom Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these Programs perfect for?

The Freedom programs are perfect for professionals (lawyers, CPAs) and  established entrepreneurs who are accustomed to doing everything to grow their business and now want to take the easy route to the next level of success.  You leave the Program knowing what to outsource, in what order and how to share what your business stands for and how you operate.

The Legacy program is the right fit for professionals and established entrepreneurs who want to create peace of mind.  You create systems so that you can step away when you want or need to without worrying your business will collapse without you. You'll leave with a Handover Handbook that will teach your spouse or virtual assistant how to run your business for 30 days.  Vacations, yes please.

How much will this cost?

My Programs are designed to be affordable because I don't want any barrier to you expanding your reach. Programs start at $2500.  You can easily make that back and more with the right remote teammates.

Is there a payment plan?

There is an option to split your tuition in two parts to make things easier.

I can not say enough about Dina!  Her wealth of knowledge and her desire to help me succeed was awesome!  Dina is one of those special individuals that want to see someone excel and grow, from the inside out.  She is easy to talk with and eager to hear your thoughts and answer your questions.  The  free consultation is a great way to start and assess your priorities.  

Nancy Amaral RN, BSN,LNC

What makes this Programming unique?

Great question! This programming is unique in a couple of ways. One, it's one of the few resources available for specifically for experienced entrepreneurs.   You have needs after startup and we're here to help.  These trainings are for you if you've been running your business for years and wished you had guidance.

My programming addresses mindset from a practical standpoint.  Many mindset coaches tell you to get over your fears.  That's great but how do you run your biz while you do that?  With a team. We talk about workarounds so you get the benefit of the work without the stress of doing it yourself.


What extras are included?

You'll receive insights into your conflict style and working styles via specific testing.  You'll begin to know yourself as a leader and do things your own way.  You'll also get templates and worksheet and a private community to keep you humming along.


Dina helped me overcome a hurdle that had me making excuses and leaving a TON of money on the table.  She called me out, shocked and shook me into the obvious, and showed me where I needed to go to take my business to its next phase.  She definitely speaks up powerfully to get you out of the foolery.  If you appreciate grounded realness in a coach, you’d better call Dina!

Lisa M Bryant, Jireh Virtual Solutions