What if your to-do list was finished, you had the freedom to spend time as you want and you were finally making the money you deserve?

Does this sound like you?

Vise-like grip.

You keep an eagle eye and both hands on everything that happens in your business.  After all, you're a one-person shop.

Spending is a no-no.

You aren't making the money you'd like so you can't justify spending any money to get help, especially since you can do everything the right way yourself

Exhausted but still dreaming.

You know that you're the cork stopping your income flow. But what you don't know is how to let go, trust and get help without being a doormat or breaking the bank.

Outsourcing Made Easy for Entrepreneurs

How to Delegate your Way to your Next (first) $100k! (VALUE $498)

Are you tired of doing everything in your business?  Time to follow the example of successful entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn and Richard Branson and delegate!  Spend your time doing your genius work, not the busywork. That's why you started your business, right?

Learn the right mechanics- how to pick the right project, the right platform, the right freelancer for you. How to avoid wasting time searching endless or paying too much. You'll know how to get what you expect at the price you want.

What's the point of teaching you the skills if you can't use them? That's why you'll also learn the right mindset to let go, trust and lead without being bossy or a doormat.

What You’ll Get In Each Modules:

  • Outsource like a Boss in just 6 Easy Steps
  • This is the On-Demand Freelance Marketplace
  • The Right Project to Outsource on the Right Platform
  • How to Guarantee a Great Result
  • Don't Let Your Emotions Get in the Way
  • Hiring and Managing Your Team including best payment practices
  • And more powerful insights for organizing your assets.

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