Lawyernomics is better than Vegas

I just flew back from Vegas and boy are my arms tired Bah da dumpf. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Avvo, the site that is the matchmaker for small business and lawyers held their annual conference, Lawyernomics, was held in Las Vegas last week. #Lawyernomics conference is a marketing conference where solo and small firm attorneys…

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3 Resources to Outsource your Email

outsource email

Every entrepreneur I know fears their email. Our business lives and dies by email. There is constant terror about missing that important email that will: cement the big account be a glowing referral lead to a new clients Or amazing visibility…I lost my chance to be on Good Morning America because I didn’t check my…

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Outsource your Follow up & WIN

Follow up with clients is the secret to having more clients. Yet few entrepreneurs make the effort to follow up effectively. Studies suggest that it can up to 20 ‘touches’ or interactions with your business for a prospect to take notice. Most of us give up after two tries. You see the problem, right? Why…

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Entrepreneurs, Outsource the Stress – Hire a financial team

It’s that time of year again. Tax time strikes fear in the hearts of entrepreneurs everywhere. We got into business to help people not deal with the money. Am I right? Something to consider- Profit First I’ve already gone on record as a numberphobic. I’m a lawyer dammit, not a bean counter (said in my…

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Poor Emotional Intelligence Looks like This on Facebook

How do you handle a sensitive situation in a Facebook group? That’s a very real question if you lead a group. There will always be competing interests that you have to mediate like your need to have an engaged group vs the groups need to be a spam-free environment vs an individual rights. What’s a…

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What poor emotional intelligence in entrepreneurs looks like

What would you do if you were me? I got a note on Facebook from another entrepreneur who assumed I was a liar and dropped me from her group before even getting my response. Poor emotional intelligence. There are so many examples of poor emotional intelligence floating around but I hate to point the finger…

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