Outsource your Social Media Lawyer

notepad,pen and cell phone- all good for delegating

Social media is not dead much to the disappointment of lawyers and entrepreneurs everywhere. In fact, social media is critical right now for attracting clients and staying top of mind. Don’t have time? Who does? Outsource the social media for your law practice. 83% percent of consumers will check you out online before contacting you.…

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Are you mature?

Is your law practice still a baby?

How mature is your law practice, Attorney? I love this question. It takes your thoughts in a totally different direction when you’re considering how to manage your law practice. Normally, we classify businesses by their age like start up, established, long standing. And because we often think of our business as our baby, it’s easy…

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Branding made easy for lawyers

Branding. What the heck is it?? Branding is one of those words that people pretend to understand, but really don’t. The branding discussion amongst the lawyers at Lawyernomics was one of the best I’ve heard. Hat tip to Avvo leader Suzie Peters and Jennifer Brandt of Cozen O’Connor for hitting it out of the park.…

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Will you be ready?

cartoon image of Dina Eisenberg

Life happens. You have an unexpected accident. A family member is diagnosed suddenly with a major illness. You fall head over heels in love. You have a baby. Life is unpredictable. If tomorrow, your world turned on a dime, would your business stop? If you had to be away for 30, 60, 90 days, would…

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3 Ways High EQ helps you network better at conferences


Networking is part of business life. For many entrepreneurs, myself included, networking is a necessary evil- emphasis on evil Conference Networking the Old Way You know the drill. You fly in the night before. Stand in the long registration line the next morning where you probably meet the person standing in front and behind you.…

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Lawyernomics is better than Vegas

I just flew back from Vegas and boy are my arms tired Bah da dumpf. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Avvo, the site that is the matchmaker for small business and lawyers held their annual conference, Lawyernomics, was held in Las Vegas last week. #Lawyernomics conference is a marketing conference where solo and small firm attorneys…

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