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4 Oct 2017

Great reads for Lawyers turned Entrepreneur

Lawyers make terrible business people. That’s nonsense. That’s an old belief that served lawyers when the law was a mysterious profession. The law is a business. Lawyers are entrepreneurs who chose solving legal problems as their product. I’m a lawyer but I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. Some of my best and earliest memories...
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13 Sep 2017

Solo Lawyer, 5 Teammates You Really Need

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We get by with a little help from our friends People believed that I had enormous power as the Corporate Ombudsman of the 7th largest bank in the nation. After all, I reported to the President! But, reality was a lot different. I accomplished the majority of my work through collaboration with others. I leveraged...
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8 Sep 2017

`Teach, help more people, Lawyer!

Who says that growing your law practice and increasing your revenues automatically means that your law practice has to take on new clients and increase your workload, Lawyer? Certainly not me. You can teach! Teach to grow your law practice Of course, you should be networking and marketing to grow your law practice. That’s how...
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