Law firm, are you pricing right?

How do you earn more in your law firm without sacrificing quality or your time? That’s a tall order, but not impossible. One question: do you have the right pricing model for your ideal clients? Out with the old In the past, all attorneys billed their clients on an hourly basis for their labors. The…

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Introducing new t-shirt apparel lines: Lawyer Tee and Sassy Tees

When did you last step out of your comfort zone? Introducing new ideas into your law business is a great way to keep things fresh for you and your current and potential clients. But some ideas like t-shirt design just don’t seem, well, lawyerly. That’s the impression I had about designing and selling tee shirts.…

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10 Steps to Get Publicity for your Law Practice in Minutes a Day

–Note: Welcome to the third edition of our Expert Speaks Series. Here are editions one and two but don’t rush off. Today, Christina Daves, an expert in how to generate publicity for your law practice. Not sure your legal business “needs” publicity? Does your firm need new clients? Getting free publicity is one of the…

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Can you deduct your car on your taxes, Lawyer?

NOTE: Welcome to the 2nd article in our series, The Expert Speaks. You can find the discussion on faster payment here but first, check out whether you can deduct all those car expenses from your taxes with today’s financial expert, Wendy Barlin CPA – Ciao, Dina Inquiring lawyer minds want to know: Can you deduct…

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Design Your Law Practice to Fit Your Life

quote about outsourcing by Dina Eisenberg

What if the worst thing could turn out to be a blessing? That’s a nice thought, huh? That’s what happens when I set out to design a law practice to fit your life The Energizer Bunny If I could slow down for a moment and catch my breath life would be great. I wished that…

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Cash Flow is the Lifeblood of your Law Practice

Learn to increase the velocity of the money coming into your growing firm using e-payment technology Cash flow is the life force of daily financial management in a growing firm. The lag between the time you collect from your clients to the time you have to pay your suppliers and employees is every business’s cash…

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