My passion is helping lawyers and entrepreneurs who have achieved success to finally enjoy the freedom and joy you wanted when you started your business.

Doing everything may have gotten you to where you are, but it won’t take you much further. I can help you prepare to let go.

I love being your mirror so you see your talents and opportunities for personal development through your business. Did you know you can use emotional intelligence to run a happier, more profitable business?

I also teach you the mindset and mechanics to delegate with grace and ease.

Delegation is a mastery level skill that leads to much faster, long term success- in business and in life. It’s so much fun to watch as you re-imagine your biz so it supports the life you want to live and who you are. That’s the formula for plenty of free time, exciting projects, money coming in almost effortlessly.

Who gets the best results with me?
Established people who are killing it in their own way, recognize change is necessary because things aren’t sustainable and are willing (and financially able) to do the work to get the results- a business that allows them to lead the life that fits.

My clients are coachable with a sense of humor. They are people who aren’t into excuses. They want an honest, caring knowledgable guide to show them the shortcuts and avoid the pitfalls on the journey to grow their business by emotional intelligence and outsourcing.

My clients dream bigger for themselves and the world.

Outsourcing since 2009, I crafted systems and a hand-picked network of freelancers to share with you. I’m also pretty geeky and love automation tools so there’s that too.

Not sure if delegation is worth it?  Check out this white paper, The Bottom Line of Delegating for Solopreneurs