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About Dina Lynch Eisenberg

Dina Lynch Eisenberg JD

Hey there! I’m Dina Eisenberg , Outsourcing Strategist, Speaker and recovered Attorney. I’m super grateful to Livvie for including me in the wonderful group.

My passion is helping small biz owners to work themselves out of their business, thereby creating more ease in their life and a sellable asset.

I help you think deeply about who you are as the leader then find the right teammates to support you where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. The smart, caring kind of team who won’t let you fail.

I also teach you to delegate with grace and ease. Delegation is a mastery level skill that leads to much faster, long term success. Besides, It’s so much fun to see someone re-imagine their biz into the vision they had when they first started- plenty of free time, exciting projects, money coming in almost effortlessly.

Outsourcing since 2009, I have a hand picked network of professionals to choose from. I get to work evaluating your needs and assembling your team. Im also pretty geeky and love automation tools so there’s always some of that.

What most folks don’t know is that I’m a totally foodie. Business and cooking are the same to me; both require love and attention.

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My Mastermind Intensive benefited greatly from an expert session with Dina. One of the things Dina is expert in is helping business owners outsource technology issues, and she demonstrated it perfectly for us.

Jane Pollak, Author, Business Coach

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