Do you work endlessly, well into the night, trying in vain to serve your clients while paddling hard to keep your business afloat?


Do you feel like you aren't getting enough done, or done well, at work or at home?

I help Service Professionals and Entrepreneurs to Free Up their Time Effectively, Save Money & Earn More (while doing less)  Sound good?  


Outsourcing works.  You're doing it wrong!

You gotta let go if you want to grow!

Hi, I'm Dina Eisenberg. I've been a serial entrepreneur for 20 years. I'm a big fan of the awesome power of outsourcing for the past seven years.

I made every mistake, lost money and sales in the early days but little by little  I learned how to outsource the right way so I get the quality work  I want at the price I want to pay.

And, I've seen the disappointing results and sunk money that happens  when you don't approach outsourcing with a system and plan.

Why do you care?  Because I know outsourcing and delegation. I've seen what works and what doesn't when you are working with a remote team.  I've  been the buyer and I've been the seller so I have insights and tactics learned from a 360 degree view.

I know the ups and downs, and what's happening now, in the online on-demand marketplaces. I know how hard it is to find the right person and to work with them successfully. I also know how to make the entire process easier and simpler.

Service Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Leverage Your Authority!

First,  we start to understand your tasks.

What tasks  dp you absolutely have to do.  I play devil’s advocate with you about what you can outsource.  Because you're simply too close to tell.

Then, we look at process creation to make sure you’re ready for outsourcing. For a lot of people,  the problems  is that they think they can  just outsource to somebody and that person will figure it out.  .  We create a system to easily share what to do, when and how so you get what you are expecting.

Once we’ve done, we then move to step two - finding the right resources.

A lot of people think hiring is simple. They just go on Fiverr and  and they can find someone, usually the cheapest available. Then, they are unhappy.

I talk you right through that process so you don’t end up somebody that’s actually going to be more pain than help.

I'll also keep you from falling into one of the biggest traps people get into when hiring- micro-managing, which leaves you resentful and frustrated.  Instead, you'll discover what leads to trust for you and how to find that in your teammates.

The biggest problem when you’re not  outsourcing right is that you free up your time then waste it all over again

Sure, you shake  2 hours free. But you spend it on more busy work that’s not profit generating.  Or, you invest the hours in personal time without realizing you haven't made ROI. It's a vicious cycle.

What we then do is I coach you on how to do return on investment activities, ones that work for you, so that you’re actually focusing on generating money in that time. You pay for your freelancer and the rest is golden. Outsourcing becomes self-sustaining and a profit-center.

If you've wanted to outsource or wanted to grow your team
but didn't know how, you are in the right place!

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Dina has a passion for helping others...Her professionalism is something that is rare in the business world today. She was not only timely in her communication, but also in her delivery. My video session with Dina was extremely valuable in that she spent time not only discussing her process and methodology for choosing my teammates, but coachedme on how I can best position myself to receive them.

Her final report and post-search communication is impeccable. I felt empowered and knowledgeable tomove forward with my teammates immediately with her guidance. All in all, I was pleased... My business is moving forward and making great strides because she empowered me to let go and delegate to others.

Janine N. Truitt
Chief Innovations Officer for Talent Think Innovations, LLC

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You need a smart, caring team to help you survive the day to day and soar higher than you imagined. Let me show you how.

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