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Want to spend 80% of your time doing what you love, not grunt work?

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Discover how simple it can be to build a smart, caring team!

You gotta LET GO if you want to grow!

Are you the bottleneck?

    It's easier if I do it myself. Takes forever to explain.

    If I want it done right I have to do it myself

    Why would I pay someone to do that when it'll take me 5 minutes

    Hire help? HA, who has money for that?

    If you've said or thought any of these, uhmm, you are are the issue. Good news, though. I know how to liberate you from that jam!


Who else can do that?

Hi, I’m Dina Lynch Eisenberg and I want you to stop doing everything

Smart, creative, innovative solopreneurs like you start great businesses. You do it because you have a vision for the world that you want (sometimes need) to share. That’s pretty wonderful. The idea may be great, but often the execution sucks.

Great entrepreneurs with amazing ideas burn out. Or  you slowly snuff out your shine because you are always frustrated and resentful about doing grunt work and not doing the joyful stuff you that’s your purpose. Sadly, you don’t achieve what you know you can, and that hurts-bad.

I want a world where entrepreneurs are free to focus on what you are do & love best.  Without stress of the daily grind. Without the guilt of never being finished. I want you to have love and joy for what you do and who you serve. And, in my world, your business is mature, sustainable and you earn a lot more money. 

It breaks my heart & makes my blood boil to see people with amazing talents and generous hearts struggling, clearly not earning what they are worth.  It’s horrifying to think how many entrepreneurs will see their hard built businesses crumble to the ground because there was not structure or team to support and grow it. No systems. No backup. No team. No income.

I want you to feel the secure and safe knowing you have an operational plan and smart,caring team who can help you survive every day and soar to heights you never dreamed of before.

That’s why I created coursework and programs that show you how to easily know when you are ready for a team, set up your standards, hire the best for you and bring them into your world in the best possible way.  

I’m excited to get to know you better, and to have you get to know my courses, workshop and programs. I hope you’ll stay and have a look around. (we’re still baking some parts)   Warmly, Dina

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Dina's Philosophy


Your job is to have brilliant idea, not to implement them. You are the visionary who sets the course. You need a smart, caring team to help you survive the day to day and soar higher than you imagined.

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