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Hey there!

I’m Dina, an Operations Architect for innovative lawyers, licensed professionals and entrepreneurs who want to uplevel while doing less in their business. Get stuff done!


You created your very own business from scratch. All by yourself. You’re a superhero to your clients and colleagues love you. Truly, you are fabulous…

But not at everything.

There are parts of your business that need attention that aren’t your expertise. Like marketing, social media, market research, blogging, and admin

You don’t like to do it and, honestly, you don’t do it well. These chores are dragging you down, consuming all your time and energy and that’s not right. That work is not your genius.

If you want to grow and go farther without completely burning out …

You must delegate and
I’ll show you how

Imagine what it would feel like if you had a….

  • Constant stream of leads because your marketing positions you as the go-to expert
  • Large and loyal following who trusted you because of your consistent & valuable social content
  • Steady flow of eager buyers who are ready to pay because your client-centric sales systems work
  • Hours of time each week to spend exactly as you please-on you, your family or your business- while the money rolls in!
  • Wouldn’t you like to have a business that practically runs itself instead of one that runs you ragged?

But, I can’t afford to outsource, you may be thinking, shaking your head no.

Truth is, as a self-employed person you can’t afford NOT to outsource if you want to reach your revenue goals, help people and live a life you love. You cut off your potential to earn more when you do not have a virtual team

Do you spend hours entering data into Quickbooks or Wave recording your invoices and receipts, balancing the books and paying your vendors? That feels virtuous, like you’re being responsible and doing something good to save money.

Let's look at the numbers

If you spend 5 hours a month wrestling with the books and your billable rate is a $250 then you are losing $1250 a month. Hiring a bookkeeper costs $198 per month and she knows what she’s doing. You do the math.

Sadly, this is NOT the only spot where time and money are leaking out of your business. We can fix that. (Do you struggle to write your newsletter or blog???)

Your Operations Architect is here

I’m here to guide you through your journey to more freedom, more money and more joy.

Using my system, together we’ll:

  • Slow down and look at your business strategically and emotionally
  • Identify areas where your business needs support on its foundation
  • Organize, streamline and automate
  • Create more flow and ease with an outsourcing plan
  • Decide who works best for you as a teammate
  • Get your life back

This is how we can work together

There are 3 ways we can join forces…

One on One- Blueprint

One-on-One meeting- Your personal instruction manual. I’ll create an Outsourcing Plan for you for one project. You say what. I say how.

Learn More

How to Outsource Made Easy for Entrepreneurs

Online Course- Stop doing everything. Learn what to outsource, where to find freelancers on platforms like Upwork and how to hire them the right way. Video tutorials, worksheets and more.  5 star rated!

Get Yours!

Group Program- Freedom Plan

Free up 10 hours and create a business that practically runs itself. The Freedom Plan is perfect for lawyers, CPA and entrepreneurs who want to uplevel from a solid foundation.

Diagnose how mature your practice is in the key areas of marketing, sales, operations and team. Then create an Outsourcing Plan of what to outsource in this 8 week group program. Create the systems and information your team or someone else would need to run your business for 30 days.

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Meet Dina

Dina Eisenberg, JD, known as the Operations Architect is the CEO of OutsourceEasier.com and creator of the Freedom Plan and online course, Outsourcing Made Easy for Entrepreneurs.  Her mission is to help biz owners protect their most important asset-you.

Lynch-Eisenberg leveraged her legal, corporate and conflict management backgrounds to design programming for lawyers and established solopreneurs how to outsource effectively, scale their income and fun,  and use their emotional intelligence to trust their team and themselves.  Lynch-Eisenberg lives in Oakland with her fur interns, Rodney and Cooper.