Congrats!  Finally your income exceeds your efforts.  That's great, but now you're time-starved.
  • You never feel fully caught up and that makes you feel guilty.
  • There's never enough time to manage all the moving pieces.
  • You feel trapped and overwhelmed from juggling all the details.
Sound familiar?  You're the bottleneck plugging up your income flow. What  you don't know about the right time to outsource, if you're ready or how to hire team is stressing you out.



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Meet Dina!

Hey there, I’m Dina.  Who grows up to be an Outsourcing Strategist?  Good question.  My husband and I were both running successful businesses. Mine was 6 figures. His was a million dollar baby, which is great as a solopreneur.  We were living the entrepreneurial dream- the money, the freedom,  the works.  Until one night.  My husband held back a sneeze and the force tore through his discs and crushed the nerve sac at the base of his spine. In the unnaturally bright light of the hospital corridor, the surgeon broke the news.  Only 90 minutes to operate, then my husband would be paralyzed for life.  All I could think about was him.

He began a two year recovery from surgery the next but his business died that week. Every major client dumped him, saying the same thing- you are unreliable because you don’t have a team.

It was true. He didn’t have employees (didn’t want the hassle or to spend the money). Didn’t write down his process (he knew it, that’s enough).  His business couldn’t run without him so I found myself running to Best Buy for a laptop so he could work from rehab.  No one should have to face that uncertainty and fear.  It’s so avoidable.

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