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Imagine how satisfying your life would be if  your law practice practically ran itself instead of running you ragged?

I’m Dina, a Legal Operations Architect for overworked lawyers who want to design a law practice that fits the life you desire.
Live the life of an Intentional Lawyer


You launched your own law practice.  You’re a superhero to your clients and colleagues love you. Truly, you are a fabulous attorney…

But you're not  fab at everything.

Your days are a blur, and sometimes you don't know what day it is.  Speeding from one to-do to the next:

  • Answering client questions
  • Adding names to your CRM
  • Looking for documents lost on your computer
  • Answering your phone
  • Going to networking events that eat up hours

You bear the crushing weight of being a responsible lawyer who clients turn to make life-changing decisions and remove obstacles to their goals.  Hey, who removes obstacles for you?

There you are, day after day, leaking time and money...

These chores are dragging you down, consuming all your time and energy and that’s not right. That work is not your genius.  Law is.

If you want to serve your clients better, grow your income and attract more high quality clients without completely burning out …

You must delegate and
I’ll show you how

Mary Juetten, Attorney/Author

Often I have seen that the attributes that make for a good lawyer lead to a reluctance to delegate within their practice, even non-legal tasks. A good business person understands the value of their time and delegates appropriately. Your team will appreciate being trusted with important work and overall you can accomplish more.

Mary Juetten, Attorney/Author Small Law Firm KPIs How to Measure your Way to Greater Profits

Imagine what it would feel like if you had a mature law business….

  • Constant stream of potential clients because your marketing positions you as the go-to expert
  • Large and loyal following who trust you because of your consistent & valuable social content
  • Steady flow of warm referrals because your client-centric onboarding and care system
  • 4-10 Hours of time each week to spend exactly as you please-on you, your family or your business- while the money rolls in!
  • Wouldn’t you like to have a business that practically runs itself instead of one that runs you ragged?

But, I can’t afford to outsource, you may be thinking, shaking your head no.

Truth is, as a self-employed lawyer you can’t afford NOT to outsource if you want to actually have a life. You cut off your potential to earn & live more when you do not have a virtual team.

You need a smart, caring team who can help you survive the day-to-day and lift you up to soar higher than you ever dreamed.  You need an Essential Team.

Do you spend hours entering data into Quickbooks or Wave recording your invoices and receipts, balancing the books and paying your vendors? That feels virtuous, like you’re being responsible and doing something good to save money.

Let's look at the numbers

If you spend 5 hours a month wrestling with the books and your billable rate is a $250 then you are losing $1250 a month. Hiring a bookkeeper costs $198 per month and she knows what she’s doing. You do the math.

Sadly, this is NOT the only spot where time and money are leaking out of your business. We can fix that. (Do you struggle to write your newsletter or blog???)

Your Legal Operations Architect is here!

I’m Dina Lynch Eisenberg, prosecutor turned entrepreneurial lawyer coach, keynote speaker and author. For the past 20 years, I've run my own conflict management consulting and training firm serving corporate giants.  I succeed because I had amazing help. Delegating is the way to go!

My purpose in going to law school was to give people power through knowledge.

Now, I empower fellow lawyers like you.  I show you how to use the current technology, automation tools and the gig economy to the advantage of your law practice.   I want to see you go from overworked to overjoyed at what you can accomplish with team.

I don't believe that lawyering has to be hard. Outsourcing really is the solution.  I learned a thing or two about creating a remote team on the on-demand marketplaces like Upwork

  • how to navigate online outsourcing
  • what to outsource
  • which roles to hire for & the best order
  • how to know the freelancer is right for you
  • how to onboard your team so you get what you want-more freedom, more money and more joy
  • how to manage the inevitable feelings that come with change and growth

Using my system, together we’ll:

  • Look at where your law practice is right now and where you'd like to go
  • Identify your time, money and energy leaks
  • Create basic systems for billing and backup
  • See where you can find more joy & ease in the life you have
  • Decide what traits a successful teammate needs to have
  • Transform into an Intentional Lawyer

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Meet Dina

Dina Eisenberg, JD, known as the Legal Operations Strategist, is the CEO of and creator of the Intentional Lawyer Movement and online course, Outsourcing Made Easy for Entrepreneurs.  A keynote speaker and facilitator, Dina is on a mission  to help lawyers create a more satisfying work experience and to protect your most important asset-you!

Lynch-Eisenberg leveraged her legal, corporate and conflict management backgrounds to design leadership programming for lawyers and established solopreneurs that embrace emotional intelligence, delegation and mindfulness.  Lynch-Eisenberg lives in Oakland with her fur interns, Rodney and Cooper.